In January we were informed about a placard competition being held by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament to design a poster that would be distributed during the protests. This is a topic we feel quite strongly about so we decided to make an attempt.

We found a kind of strange coincidental resonance with the Trinity tests—the code name for the first detonation of a nuclear weapon—and the word trident.

Taking sequential imagery from the tests, in particular images from 0.16, 0.53 and 0.90 seconds after detonation, we wanted to bring the actual ferocity and scale of a nuclear explosion sharply into focus. These images together form a sort of triptych that further enforces the connection the posters share with the word trident. Together they can communicate the terror and reality of a nuclear event. We would hope that if the design was selected multiple people carrying the posters would provide a sort of stop motion animation to anyone who viewed them head on. An attempt to animate the reality of the situation.